Mixed reality for the workshop

Get Fologram for HoloLens, iOS and Android.

Mixed Reality in Rhino

Stream, locate and interact with models

Viewing a Rhino model in mixed reality is as simple as scanning a QR code. Fologram creates a live link between Rhino and your device, allowing you to view and make changes to your Rhino model and layer table in realtime. Placing parts or design options on different layers allows you to quickly switch between different configurations or steps of a fabrication task in mixed reality.

Mixed Reality in Grasshopper

Precise interactive fabrication instructions

Rhino and Grasshopper models can be positioned precisely in physical space using multiple QR codes tracked as background processes. For more advanced fabrication instructions, parametric models can be streamed to your device and controlled using sliders and buttons in mixed reality.


Prototyping, Research and Design-Build Studios

Mixed reality applications built with Fologram have been used for everything from steambending and bricklaying by skilled craftspeople, to experimental research with low temperature polymers or painted ceramics. You can find hundreds of projects and research publications using Fologram on our examples page.